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Baku Grivachi Pigeons

baku tumbler pigeons - russian
Baku Grivacs

Baku Grivachi pigeons – also known by the names: Baku Neck Pigeon, Бакинские Гривачи – baku grivuni – are varieties originating from Azerbaijan, especially in the Baku region, which was informed that they had begun to be developed in the early 20th century. These varieties which are classified into the tumbler type, are also very popular, both in their home countries, including in Russia, mainly because they have great flying skills, fly fast and very high, “to disappear from sight”, and have the ability to fight in the air. In addition, the appearance of this variety is quite beautiful.

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azerbaycan goyercin
baku tumbler pigeons
baku tumbler
beku güvercin
Baku Neck Pigeon