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Polish Griwuni Tumbler Pigeons

Polish Tumbler - pigeons - white-balck
Polish Griwuni Tumbler

Grzywasc polski

Polish Griwuni – also known by the names: Polnischer Griwun Tümmler, Culbutant Griwuni Polonais – are varieties originating from Poland (the eastern region), among others in Vilna, Grodno, Suwalki and surrounding cities, which are being developed since the late 19th century. Initially, the varieties belonging to this type of Tumbler were much maintained by rural breeders, and then after the end of World War II, these varieties were increasingly developed, especially in Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, and Olsztyn Ostrowiec. This variety has good flying ability, as well as a very attractive appearance. Has a close kinship with Griwuni Tumbler. look ; Russian Griwuni Tumbler Гривун (голубь)

Grzywasc polski
Polnischer Tümmler
Polnischer Griwun Tümmler
culbutant Polonais
Grivuni Polonais