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Baku Chilik Tumbler Pigeons

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baku chilik

The Baku Chilik fancy pigeons – also known by their names: Baku Czily, Бакинские чили, Чили – is a variety that originated in West Asia, the Caucasus region, particularly Azerbaijan, and also Russia, but information has not been found since then. developed (possibly in the 19th century).

Chilik is the most majestic of all types of baku tumblers. The color of these birds is black or red with a variegated light head. Brushes on the paws are usually colored to suit the body. Baku chilik has a slightly elongated body, a broad chest and dense hair on the legs.

This variety is known and preferred for its great flying abilities, it can fly fast, very high, and for long periods, including air battles. chiliks can easily hover through the air, making complex and spectacular somersaults. For this feature, breeders highly appreciate this type of bird.

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