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Danish Suabian Pigeons ( Sølvsvabere )

danish saubbian Sølvsvabere

The Danish Suabian pigeons – also known by the names: Chardonneret Danois, Dänischer Stieglitz, Cardellino Danese, Датский сьюбиан – It has been developed after years of selective breeding. It is thought to have been developed in France and the Netherlands. Originally the laced was developed from Starling and imported into Denmark around 1840. They wanted the milky white color of the wing with no sign of control. To do this, they also crossed with Oriental Frill and other birds and also had a great selection. They wanted a bird with three colors.This variety actually has a good ability to fly, but its development and then only for the sake of appearance.

The breed is also called the Pheasant Pigeon because of its color patterns similar to those of the true Silver Pheasant. The “Pheasant Pigeon” bred in the Swabian region of Germany (alternative name for Suabian) was taken with this breed from the patter color reminiscent of some real Silver Pheasant.

Chardonneret Danois - color pigeons
Chardonneret Danois
danish pigeons - saubian - color fancy
danish saubian
danish colour pigeons
yellow danish suabian
pheasant - silver colour pigeons
pheasant pigeons

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