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Starling pigeons ( Startaube)


The Starling pigeon – also known by its names: Etourneau, Startaube, Stornello, Скворец – are varieties originating from the central and southern regions of Germany, expressed as one of the ancient races, known since the 16th century. The varieties categorized into this type of color pigeons, are actually very popular, but not yet widely developed in various countries in Europe. This variety is informed as a great aviator, but it seems that the breeders are more interested in the appearance of a very beautiful, elegant, very handsome.

The starling pigeon gets its name from the crescent-shaped to the pure white drawing on its chest. This whimsical drawing does not have any other breed of pigeons unless it comes from the original form, such as the Danish suabian or the American pheasant pigeon. The starting pigeon is also named “Black Moon Pigeon” or “Mourning Pigeon” from this drawing. It derives from its gloomy appearance. However, this appearance is softened by the lively, lively nature of the pigeon. starling pigeons are recognized in black, blue, red and yellow. souce

pigeon etourneu
starling pigeons
german pigeon breeds - starling

Also known by the names : Startaube, Starling, Etourneau, Stornello, Spreeuwduif, Estornino, Staerdue

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