Trumpeter Pigeons

Altenburg Trumpeter Pigeons ( Altenburger Trommeltaube )

trumpeter pigeons
altenburg trumpeter pigeons

The Altenburg Trumpeter – also known by the names: Tambour d’Altenbourg, Altenburger Trommeltaube, Tamburo in Altenburg, Альтенбургский барабанщик – began to be known since the early 18th century, bred in Saxony and Thuringia, the region around Altenburg, German. This variant is inserted into trumpeter pigeons type. Overall has a look as a dove that is thick, sturdy, and horizontal position. This variant also has a loud and long-lasting sound of the trumpet, which is visible from the image and size of its large and round neck. It is a reliable airman although not a racing pigeon type.

Altenburger Trommeltaube - TROMMELTAUBEN - tauben
Altenburger Trommeltaube
Altenburg Trumpeter - trumpeter pigeons
Altenburg Trumpeter
Tambour d'Altenbourg - pigeons tambours
Tambour d’Altenbourg – pigeons trumpeter
altenburg - trumbpetr pigeosn
white altenbur trumpeter pigeons

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