Trumpeter Pigeons

Arabian Trumpeter Pigeons ( Arabische Trommeltaube )

arabian trumpeter pigeons

The Arabian Trumpeter  – also known by the names: Tambour d’Arabie, Arabische Trommeltaube, Tamburo Arabo, Арабский барабанщик – are old racial pigeons from Asia, especially from Saudi Arabia. It is rumored that this variety is still a direct descendant of rock pigeon (pigeon) which is a pure Arab race (arabian pigeons). Some data show that these varieties began to be developed since the 17th century. These varieties are grouped into trumpeter pigeons types. The shape and size of the body is small, and more characteristic of its variety as a “pigeon field” (field pigeon). It has a character as a dove that makes a trumpet sound, and is physically visible on its rounded and powerful neck to make a loud noise. This variety has an aggressive, active but quite familiar temperament.

Arabische Trommeltaube
Arabische Trommeltaube
Arabische Trommeltaube - tauben
Arabische Trommeltaube
pigeons taubour arabie
arabian trumbpeters
tambour de arabie