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Hungarian Old Homer Pigeons

hungarian posta
hungarian big wattle pigeons

Alföldi dudoros posta galamb

As the descendants of sports and messenger pigeons that lagged behind during their travels or became redundant in military service, in many parts of the Great Plain in the 20th century. a pigeon version present in the second half of the 19th century. Its specimens have long been selected on the basis of its fine-grained skin bumps of a characteristic shape and size. For the purpose of uniform assessment and acceptance as a breed, the breeders who have reached a common denominator in the assessment of appearance have drawn up the following draft.

Another breed of hungarian homer pigeons Hungarian Beauty Homer Magyar Diszposta

The larger-than-average muscular, strong, slightly steep “always ready to go” fast-paced and persistent, slightly longer-than-average impression of the carrier pigeon, with an unbroken arched skull and a medium-length beak with a highly developed nasal bulge and a regular circular two-row eye ring. Varieties: Head: Horizontally held, unbroken arched, broad and smooth; the jaws are nearly parallel.

duduros posta
Hungarian posta old type
Alföldi dudoros postagalamb Forrás:
big wattle poster pigeons
galamb - posta
Alföldi dudoros posta galamb

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