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Syrian Dewlap pigeons

mazoni-syrian-dewlap pigeons
syrian dewlap

The Syrian Dewlap – also known by the names: Beyrouth, Syrische Wammentaube, Beirut, Сирийский Пузатый Голубь – are varieties originating from the East (Asia), especially Syria, Lebanon and southern Turkey, but no information has been found since When it was developed (only thought to have been known since the 17th century or earlier). The varieties grouped into this type of utility form pigeons – syrian pigeons, are popular and popular in their native countries, and have also been developed in quite a number of countries – particularly intensive development in the UK (so the EE establishes the UK as a home country). These varieties are informed of great flying ability, and are quite attractive in appearance.

pigeons Beyrouth
dewlap syrian pigeons
syrian dewlap pigeon
syrian pigeons
mazoni dewlap
Syrische Wammentaube
Syrische Wammentaube
white dewlap
Syrische Wammentaube

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