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American and European Mondain Breeds

French Mondain is available in two different styles. American French Mondain and European French Mondain are actually different species that share the same name. The French Mondain was originally developed as a utility pigeon (meat) pigeon in France and was bred by crossing Runts or Montaubans with Field Pigeons and Pouters.

Mondain is called Mondain because it means “earthly or” earthly “in French. This” earthly “pigeon prefers to walk on the ground rather than fly and roost on high surfaces, they cannot fly anyway.

In South Africa the breed is known as “Gros Mondain “.

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american pigeons - mondain
american mondaine pigeons
gross mondaine
french pigeon gross mondaine

The overall impression of a Gros Mondain should be large in size and round. The bird should have a deep, broad chest, short body, and legs visible below. The mass must be at least 1 kg, height 30 cm and length 32 cm. 900-1100 gr in american breeds

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