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Thurgau Elmer Pigeons ( Thurgauer Elmer )

farbentauben - thurgau elmer
thurgauer Elmer tauben

The Thurgau Elmer pigeons– also known by the names: Elmer Thurgovien, Thurgauer Elmer, Turgoviese Elmato, Тургаусский Эльмер – are varieties originating from Switzerland, mainly developed in the Thurgau region, through the old selection, and believed to have a kinship with Saxon Monk, but it has not been known since when it became known (possibly in the 18th century or earlier). Varieties categorized into this type of swiss colour pigeons , as with other Thurgau varieties, are already very popular, including in various countries in Europe. It has excellent flying skills, although in terms of looks it looks simple

coluor pigeons-thurgau elmer
thurgau elmer pigeons