Colour Pigeons South German Pigeons

South German White Tail Pigeons

Süddeutscher Weißschwanz

Süddeutscher Weißschwanz

South German Whitetail – or also known by the names: Queue Blanche de L’Allemagne du Sud, Coda Bianca della Germania del Sud, Южно- Немецкий Белохвостый – is a variety that originates from southern Germany, especially from Württemberg However, information has not been found since when it began to be developed (only estimated likely in the 18th century or earlier). This variety classified as Colour pigeons type, like its group, is already quite popular in its home country, although it seems not so widely cultivated in other countries in Europe. Informed of having good flight ability, but since the beginning of its development more focused on improving the quality of appearance.

white tail pigeons
bronze south german pigeons

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