Wattle Pigeons

Polish Wattle Pigeon ( Brodawszak Polski )

Brodawszak Polski
Brodawszak Polski

The Polish Wattle Pigeon – also known by the names: Pigeon Caronculé Polonais, Polnische Warzentaube, Barbo Polacco, Brodawczak Polski, Польский бородавчатый – are varieties belonging to ancient races of Poland, originally incorporated from Asia into Lviv and Krakow , but it has not been discovered since when these varieties began to be developed, only estimated the 20th century or slightly earlier. Varieties belonging to this type Wattle pigeons are able to fly well, but more dominant used as klangenan.

Pigeon caronculé Polonais
Wattle Pigeon-barb
Polish Wattle Pigeon
Polnische Warzentaube