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Thurgau Crescent ( Thurgauer Mehlfarbige )

pigeons couleur
Thurgovien couleur farine

The Thurgau Crescent pigeon – also known by the names: Thurgovien Couleur Farine, Thurgauer Mehlfarbige, Turgoviese Color Farina, Тургаусский Лунный – are varieties originating from Switzerland, including one of the ancient races developed in Oberthurgau (Romanshorn region), but not yet found records since when began its development (probably in the 17th century or earlier). The varieties categorized into this type of thurgau color pigeons are already very popular in their home country, also quite bred in other countries in Europe. It has good flight performance, and from appearance aspect is also quite interesting though it seems less varied.

Thurgauer Mehlfarbige