Trumpeter Pigeons

Vogtland Whitehead Trumpeter ( Vogtländer Weisskopf Trommeltaube )

Vogtland Whitehead Trumpeter

The Vogtland Whitehead Trumpeter – also known by the names: Tambour de Vogtland, Vogtländer Trommeltaube, Tamburo del Vogtland, Фогтландский Барабанщик – are varieties originating from southwestern Saxony, especially Voltgland (Germany), but have not found information since when began to be developed (estimated in the 1800s). Varieties classified into this type of Trumpeter pigeons are well known in their home country, also widely developed in many countries in Europe. Having good flying skills, good looks, but his trademark is his unique voice (like the “trumpeter” group).

Tambour- pigeons
Tambour de Vogtland
Vogtländer Trommeltaube
Vogtländer Trommeltaube
Vogtländer Weisskopf Trommeltaube
Trumpeter pigeons
Vogtland Trumpeter pigeons

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