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Barbarisi Owl Pigeons

Owl pigeons
Barbarisi Owl

The Barbarisi Owl pigeon-also known by the names: Syrian Turbiteen, Barbarisi-Mövchen Cravaté Barbarisi, Barbarian – is a varietal originating from Syria (southern Turkey), and is thought to have been cultivated since the early 1900’s. Varieties are categorized into in this type of owl pigeons , classified as a varieties of interest, look attractive. Generally marked with three color spots or marks on the head (a single spot of color on the crown, and one spot on each cheek).

Cravaté Barbarisi

Syrian Turbiteen

barbarisi syrian
syrian turbiteen
turbiteen pigeons
syrian turbiteen pigeons

Macedonain Turbiteen

owl - makedonian - golub
makedonian turbiteedn pigeons barbary
makedonian pigeons
macedoian turbiteen

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