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Abu Abse-Dewlap ( Abu-Abse-Wammentaube )

dewlpa pigeons - syrian
abu abse dewlap

The Abu Abse Dewlap – or also known by the names: Abu Abse, Abu-Abse-Wammentaube, Messagero in Abu Abse, Абу Абсе брадат – is a pigeon varetas originally from Syria, Lebanon, and has long been bred as an ornamental pigeon . It is estimated that these varieties began intensively cultivated since the 1800s, but were only known potentially around the 1950s. These varieties are grouped into Utility form pigeons type. Abu Abse began to enter the world market after being sent to Europe and Australia, and was named as one of the recognized varieties in the early 2000s.

dewlap - pigeons - syrian
abu abse

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