Colour Pigeons

Echterding Colour Pigeon ( Echterdinger Farbentaube )

Echterdinger Farbentaube

Echterding Color Pigeons – also known by the names: Pigeon de Couleur d’Echterdingen, Echterdinger Farbentaube, Colombo at Colore in Echterdingen, Доминиканский цветной голубь – is a varietal originating from Echterdingen, Germany, and started to be developed since the 1970s. Varieties belonging to this type of colour pigeons are only recognized in the permanent standard in 1983. Despite having good flying ability, but its development is more aimed at appearance, especially from the aspect of fur colors.

Colour Pigeon
Echterding Colour Pigeon
Pigeon de Couleur
Pigeon de Couleur d’Echterding