Wattle Pigeons

Polish Bagdad Pigeons ( Listonosz Polski )

Polnische Bagdette

Polish Baghdad – also known by the names: Bagadais Polonais, Polnische Bagdette, Bagadese Polacco, Польский багдет – are varieties originating from Poland, informed as one of the ancient races, but not yet known since when it was developed (estimated since 17th century or earlier). Varieties belonging to this type of Wattle pigeons are mainly developed in cities such as Bochnia, Gdov, Krakow, Niepolomitse, Tarnow, and Wieliczka. This variety is known to be able to fly quite well, but more focused on improving the quality of the exterior.

polish pigeons
polish bagdad
polski golub
Listonosz Polski
Bagadais pigeons
Bagadais Polonais

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