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Lebanon Pigeons ( Libanontaube )

kabutter 2018 - lebanon
kabutter lebanon pigoens

Lebanon – also known by names: Libanais, Libanontaube, Colombo del Libano, Libanese, Лебанон – are varieties originating from Asia Minor, especially Syria and Lebanon, but have not found information since when it was developed, known only as wrong one old race (probably already there since the 16th century or earlier). Varieties belonging to this type of Utility form pigeons (NPA syrian pigeons), known as pigeons that may be initially for broilers, but are further targeted for appearance. This variety is known to have good flying ability.

انواع کبوتر زینتی - pigeons
lebanon syrian pigeons
الحمام الرقاص- form pigeons
lebanon pigeons
syrian pigeons
guvercin lubnan
pigeon dive - form
حمام انجليزي - taube
slike goluba - de forme


Red (ahmar) with whitish tail-band and tips of flights.
Yellow (asfar) with whitish tail-band and tips of flights.
Black (aswad) with white wing bars and varying amounts of white lacing in the flights and tail feathers.
Blue(azraq) with broad white wings bars, tail and flight feathers have some white.


Light blue, with white wing bars (similar to blue white barred Blondinettes).

Bayramli or Blue(azraq)

Blue laced with spot tail.


Black(aswad) blue, very dark, wings laced, but body and tail feathers solid color.


Black or blue with bronze checker of bronze wing bars.

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