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Banat Chicken Pigeons

banater huhntaube

Banatski Pilicasti Golub

Banat Chicken Pigeon – also known by the names:  Banater Huhntauben, Банатский Куриный Голубь – is a varietal originating from the Banat region (in Serbia), although later extends to Romania and Hungary. This variety has long been cultivated in the region of origin, probably from the 1700s, but later became a forgotten variety. In the past, pigeons classified into this type of hen pigeons ( chicken pidgeon ) can hardly be separated from the lives of farmers and ranchers in the villages where they came from. In the 1960-1970 half, these decorative dove populations declined, especially as farmers switched to other more popular and promising decorative doves of the business side. New in 2008 (published in Feathered World), this variety was reintroduced as a distinctive variety that is permanent.

serbian pigeons
banat pigeons
pigeons banat
poule de banat

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