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magyar autosex tyukgalamb

Magyar Autosex Tyúkgalamb

A community was established in Gyomaendrőd in 2005 for the breeding of the Hungarian Autosex Hen Pigeon, associated with József Forgács. These breeds are unable to fly, but can be bred both as a meat pigeons breed and for exhibition.

The autosex character implies that when the chicks are out of the egg, a distinction is made between male and female. The former are light, the latter dark.

The Hungarian Autosex Chicken Pigeon can be exhibited and is suitable for meat production. A hen-shaped, hull-shaped, tall, gentle pigeon. Slightly elongated, stocky body. Adult males weigh 90-115 dkg and females weigh 80-95 dkg. Body length from caudal to tail end 28-30 cm.

Smilar Breeds : Hungarian Chichen Pigeons ( king )

Texan Pioneer Pigeons

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