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Vukovar Pigeons

pigeons - hen
vukovar chicken pigeons

Vukovarski Kokošasti Golub

Vukovar Chicken -also known by the name :vukovarer huhntauben, poule de vukovar , Вуковарский Куриный Голуб – is a varnished varieties of the Vukovar region and its surroundings (Croasia), developed since the 1950s, and declared as the result of crossing of the Hungarian race, King, Maltese and several other races. The varieties grouped into this type of Utility hen , during the war, were declared disappeared, in 1995, and then appeared and developed in limited numbers in some remote villages, then this variety “returned” to its original (Vukovar) region in 2000- and is known as Vukovar Chicken. This variety has the ability to fly, but its appearance and usefulness is more interesting in development.

pigeons vukovar
poule de vukovar
king - vukovarer
vukovarer huhntaube
کفتر های زیبا vukovarski kokosasti golub

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