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Beauty Homer de Liege ( Pigeon )

Liege - homer
Beauty Homer de Liege

Luikse Reisduif

Beauty Homer de Liége – also known by the names: Voyageur Liégeois, Lütticher Austellungsbrieftaube, Viaggiatore Liegese da Esposizione, Льежский красивый Гомер – was originally developed in Liege (Belgium), in the 19th century. Based on genealogical search, this variety is expressed as the result of a cross between the owl race and the highflyer race. Records pertaining to varieties categorized into this type of Utility are very limited – for example when compared with German Beauty Homer (GBH) information. However, these varieties still occupy the top sequences of pigeons belonging to elegant look, aka appear “beauty”.

Luikse Reisduif
Lütticher Ausstellungsbrieftaube
Voyageur Liégeois

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