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Luzerner Rieselkopf

Luzerner Rieselkopf

Lucerne Tigerhead – also known by names: Lucernois à Tête Criblée, Luzerner Rieselkopf, Lucernese a Testa Marmorizzata, Люцернский тигроголовый – is a variety derived from Lucerne (Switzerland), which is known to have been developed since the 19th century, which is known to have a blood mixture of the races Schweizertauben and Mövchen (Switzerland and Owl). Varieties including this type of Color are widely informed cultivated, both in Switzerland and in some countries in Europe. Has good flying skills, but now gets more attention in terms of looks. other lucerne pigeons – tauben luzerner

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Lucerne Tigerhead – swiss pigeon

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