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colour pigeons
thuringian swallow

Thüringer Schwalbe tauben

Thuringian Swallow – also known by the names: Hirondelle de Thuringe, Thüringer Schwalbe, Rondine in Turingia, Тюрингская Ласточка – are varieties originating from Germany, particularly from the Thuringia region, but have not obtained the information since when it was developed (estimated between 1800 and 1900s). Varieties classified into this type of Color pigeons, are also very popular, favored by many breeders and fanciers, and spread widely in Europe. This variety has good flying ability, although it appears that the aspect of appearance or beauty is more of a concern.

Thüringer tauben
Thüringer Schwalbe
Thüringer farbertauben
Hirondele pigeons
Hirondelle de Thuringe – سكسوني

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