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French Mondain Pigeons ( Gros Mondain )

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The French Mondain pigeons – also known by the names: Gros Mondain, Mondain, Mondano, Французский мондейн – The Mondain is an ancient French pigeon breed. It was kept at many farms and also by poultry fanciers. The breed was described in documents, found in 1824. A distinction was made between three types of Mondain:

The large Mondain that, according to Buffon, sometimes reached the weight of a small chicken. This type of Mondain was very large, very heavy and had red eye ceres. The feather colour varied, in fact they occurred in all know pigeon colours. The number of offspring was low, also they often trampled the eggs or crushed them with their heavy body during incubation.

The middle-sized Mondain, this was the most common type. They were held in an economically sound manner in aviaries, thereby they were not so very particular with the purity of the breed. They came both feather legged and clean legged. They were very good breeders that reared their (numerous) young well. The size of this breed was similar to a chicken of three months old.

The Berlin Mondain, came in 1808 from Prussia to France. The birds had broad, red eye ceres and the feather colour was a pied marking of black and white feathers on and around the shoulders. At the beginning of the 20th century it was this type of Mondain that was taken serious and bred as an exhibition pigeon.

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Starting with a long pigeon with narrow breast, high on the legs and a powerful head, equipped with a robust and powerful beak, broad eye ceres and a well-developed nose wattle – the latter because of the outcrossings with the Runt and Montauban. These breeders aimed to breed the widest chest on a sleek pigeon, while standing low on the legs and performing beautifully. Today’s Mondain is still highly valued and is still very well represented at our shows. ( via : wiki )

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french mondain
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