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Belgian Tumbler & Highflyer Pigeons

Culbutant Belge

Belgische Tuimelaar

The Belgian Tumbler – or also known by the names: Culbutant Belge, Belgischer Tümmler, Capitombolante Belga, Бельгийский турман – is a Belgian race developed since the 19th century. In the country of origin, varieties classified into the Tumbler bird species type are the most common varieties found.

rot - tauben
Belgische Tuimelaar
tümmler tauben
Belgischer Tümmler

Belgische Hoogvlieger

The Belgian Highflyer – also known by the names: Haut-volant Belge, Belgischer Hochflieger, Altovolante Belga, Бельгийский высоколетный – are ancient varieties or races originating from Belgium, developed since the 19th century, especially in the Liege region. This variety is classified into the tumbler & highflyer pigeon species type. Some breeders believe that this variety has a kinship that is very close to Cumulet (a variety that comes from England).

highflyer pigeons
belgian highflyer
Belgische Hoogvlieger


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