Owl Pigeons

Tunesian Owl Pigeons

pigeons owl - cravate
tunesian owl

Cravaté Tunisien

Fancy pigeons Tunesian Owl – or also known by the names:Tunesisches Mövchen, Cravattato Tunisino, Тунисская Сова – are varieties originating in North Africa (Tunisia and several other regions), but have not been discovered since when they were developed, only a note that was first made by Moore, who discussed this variety, in 1735 – but EE determined Francis to be the country of origin. The varieties that are grouped into this type of OWL are now quite popular, as are the other members of the “owl” group, known and popular because of their unique appearance. This variety is informed of having good flight ability.

owl pigeons
tunesian owl pigeons
mövchen tauben
Tunesisches Mövchen

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