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Domino Frill Pigeons

domino pigeons
cravate domino

Domino Frill – or also known by names: Cravaté Domino, Domino Mövchen, Domino, Домино – are varieties originating from mainland Asia Minor, which were then brought into Europe in 1890. Until now, maintenance of varieties belonging to in this type of Owl it is still rare. The development of this variety is done for the sake of appearance.

The head, the shield and the tail, plus the perennial plumage, are colored, everything else is white. The coloring of the head starts with a spitz and ends at the top of the frog. The line at the end of the colored fields must be cut off. The neck is pure white.It is desirable to have 8 to 10 white flying feathers, but 6 or 7 are not a mistake, as long as the oval shield is not disturbed. Without white feathers on the shield, where it passes into the white area is cut off.

owl pigeons
pigeon owl domino frill
mövchen tauben
domino mövchen

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