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South German Monk Pigeons clean legged

colour german pigeons
South German Monk, clean legged

Süddeutsche Mönchtaube Glattfüssig

South German Monk, Clean Legged – or also known by the names: Moine de l’Allemagne du Sud à Pattes Lisses, Monaco della Germania del Sud (a Zampe Implumi), Южно-Немецкий Голоногий Монах – a variety originating in southern Germany, especially in the Ulm region – and locally known as Pinto Ulm. Varieties classified into this colour type, the information has not been found since when it began to be developed (only estimated likely in the 18th century or earlier). This variety is believed to have a very close relationship with the Thurgauer race and other Monk races. It is known to fly very well, but the appearance aspect gets more attention in development.

Süddeutsche tauben
Süddeutsche Mönchtaube, glattfüssig
pigeons Allemagne
Moine d’Allemagne du sud à pattes lisses

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