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Polish Pouter Pigeons

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polish pouter

Stawak Polski

Polish Pouter Pigeons – also known by the names: Polnischer Kröpfer , Boulant Polonais – It was bred in Poland in the first half of the 20th century, mainly by breeders from Małopolska. It is a medium sized pigeon with a slim and slender figure and a small but beautifully well-developed throat.

All pouter belonging to the group of “stakers” from north Silesia have a common history. These include: North Silesia; Starwitzer Cropper, Steller Cropper, Steiger Cropper, Bohemian Steller Cropper and Polish pouter (2 types). These racial varieties undoubtedly share common traits: first of all pouter and most importantly, they clap during the flight while stopping the flights in place. When this pigeon reaches a certain height, it raises its wings vertically and in this position it descends without moving downward, then flies up again with loud flapping and so flight consists of rising and falling. The authors of the first Polish pattern made a mistake in the definition of Polish thought by taking silesian pouters racial characteristics and, despite the high similarity of the monochrome varieties (Polish pouters only monochrome and striped blue), they did not realize that the Silesian pools were slightly larger and more vertical. base, red brow, flesh-red beak and wider crop when inflated.

stawak polski
kröpfer tauben
Polnischer Kröpfer
polish boulant
Boulant Polonais