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veleno cropper pigeons - spanish - malaga
veleno cropper

Veleno Cropper – or also known as: Buchon Veleno, Дутыш Велено – Known since 1900s, Buchon Colitejo, Valenciano and Laudino are crossed from the area of Málaga (Spain). The varieties classified into this kind of crop are very popular in their own countries, which are also limited in many other countries in Europe.

Although it is known to be at the state of Malaga for at least 200 years, Buchón Veleño is quite difficult to say exactly when to Spain. In ancient times, it was known as “Castellano”, a name that is used to separate the quality of the genus from other Buchones in the region.

Buchón Veleño is actually a flying pigeon. This is so accurate that no admiring, posing and difficult to place beauty and perfection in front of the hobby that is difficult.

This bird’s length is 25-28 cm and it is not very large as the weight ranged from 300-400 grams.

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