Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Tiro Cropper Palomo de Tiro y Emperche

palomo - buchon - cropper
Palomo de tiro y emperche

Buchón Tiro y Emperche Pacense; It is a medium sized buchon-sports pigeon between 23/26 cm. Its origin is mainly due to Buchón Morrillero Alicantino and old racing homer. long appearance and one-third of the length wide, ie about 8 or 10 cm. It weighs approximately 300 to 400 grams.

It is upright and graceful in both posed and with the female, its back is smooth, its curved wings extend to the tip of the tail, and it is always above them.

The female pigeon does not look like a male in flight, which has the same characteristics and measurements as the males, both in terms of morphology and appearance and behavior.

spansih pigeons - buchon tiro
Buchón Tiro

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