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Suduvos white head

tumbler - lithuanian -
lithuanian pigeons suduvos

Sūduvos spalvotagalvis

Suduvos white head pigeons – also known as: Suduvos Weißkopf , Tête blanche de Suduvos – The breed was created in the 19th century. in late southern Lithuania – Sūduva. Gum whites, East Prussian gums, etc. The varieties have been the basis for creating these pigeons. Sturdy, medium-sized (32-34 cm), low-pitched, downy, decayed pigeons. Fly in low tide, not particularly willing to use the tail.

Suduvos white head
pigeons culbutant
Tête blanche de Suduvos
tümmler - tauben
Suduvos Weißkopf