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Pleven Tumbler ornamental pigeons – also known as: Plevener Tümmler , Culbutant de Pleven – are varieties originating from the Pleven and surrounding areas (Bulgaria), but information has not been found since when they were developed, only mentioned that these varieties were recognized in the national permanent standard in 2008. These varieties, which are combined into the Tumbler type, were originally pigeons that possessed very good flying ability, but in subsequent developments suffered a decline in flight performance due to very intensive maintenance in cages. This variety looks pretty, although it bears a resemblance to some other Bulgarian varieties (for example, Varna tumbler or Lome tumbler).
Pleven’s Pigeon Origin: It was created more than 300 years ago in the Pleven region, suggesting that pigeons brought from Asia were combined with a similar “Danube” pigeon, but for its final formation an active role played the “Braille” Pigeon . The breed is one of the best local races and is grown in almost all regions of Bulgaria.

Plevener Tümmler
Culbutant de Pleven
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