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Burgas Roller

roller pigeons
Burgaser Roller

Бургаски преметач

Burgas Roller pigeons – also known as: Burgaser Roller , Rouleur de Burgas – The bird built in the city of Burgas at the end of the 19th century. A moderate and temperamental pigeon, with the typical for the pastor structure. Fruit plumage, without hoods, frogs and plumage on the legs. Wings worn under the tail. Very long or short beak, rough head, nostrils and eyebrows. Eyes, beak, eyebrows and nails in a color different from those indicated. The presence of a front or rear hood, a mane and a dumbbell. Groove, a large or a small body. Wings worn over the tail, tail on the shoulders. and “dirty” colors. Striking neck.

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Rouleur de pigeons
Rouleur de Burgas
roller pigeons
burgas roller