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Praque Tumbler middle-face

tümmler tauben
Prager Mittelschnäblicher Tümmler

Pražský rejdič středozobý

Praque Tumbler middle face  – also known by the name : Prager Mittelschnäblicher Tümmler , Culbutant de Prague á bec moyen – A significant number of short-beak breed accompany the breeding of the more gifted medium-sized forms, which are characterized by excellent parental abilities for which they can be used for reciprocal upbringing of the young. Their adornment and real value is, however, an endurance spiral flight lasting up to several hours and usually taking place at medium heights in the circles around the pigeon.

The Prague tumbler is an alternative to the Prague shortface tumbler, which has played an ungrateful role in other breeds in recent years. It is mainly used and not exaggerated to be the most endangered Czech national breed. That this situation does not like dowsers and want to do something with them is a clear demonstration of our breeders’ creative abilities, thanks to which we have preserved a varied and exceptionally high quality national breed for future generations.

czech tumbler pigeons
Praque Tumbler middle face
Culbutant de Prague á bec moyen