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Zara Zogara White Highflyer

weisser - Hochflieger - tauben
Stara Zagora weisser Hochflieger


Zara Zogara white highflyer– also known by the name : Stara Zagora weisser Hochflieger , Haut-volant de Stara Zagora – Starozagorski pigeon that is grown by many dove farmers in the city and the surrounding area, as well as in some other regions of the country. Obtained after a long-term selection with good flying qualities.

Stara Zagora medium in size, very elegant white pigeons. They carry their name from the area in which they were created and reared for their good flying qualities. They fly up to 10 hours, and in good and proper training this time can be extended. These beautiful pigeons rightly challenge the first place of the best Bulgarian high helicopters.

They come in three varieties: Pigeons that carry their wings under the tail. Tightened or pigeons that carry their wings over the tail Decorative – they are bigger, with wings under the tail and with weak flying qualities The first Head is very much appreciated: the head is small and very rounded. The forehead is also pleasantly rounded without being convex. The female head is considerably milder.

Haut-volant de Stara Zagora
white pigeons - tumbler pigeosn
Zara Zogara white highflyer