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Roshan Chirag İndian Highflyer Pigeons

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roshan chirag pigeon

Roshan Chirag Pigeons – is a variety originating from India, especially in the northern region, but no information has been found since when it began to be developed, only estimated around the 18th century or earlier. This variety belonging to the tumbler type is actually very popular, mainly because of its role as a carrier pigeon in the past. Roshan Chirag itself is a name that roughly means “shining candle”. This variety has several sub-varieties that develop themselves, including “Aaftabi Roshan Chirag“, and “Mehtabi Rohsan Chirag“. In terms of appearance, it can be seen that this variety is normal, but in terms of flight skills, it can be said to be a great pilot.other indian pigeons breeds

roshan indian highflyer