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Dainava colour head Pigeons

lithuanian pigeons
dainava colour head

Dainavos spalvotagalvis

Dainava’s colorful head  tumbler pigeons– or also known by the names: Dainava Farbenkopf , Tête colorée de Dainava –  is originate in Užnemunė, where they are now the most widespread. The roots of the breed origin in the 18th century. and the change in geopolitical circumstances has evolved very conservatively and little to date. Meanwhile, the “brothers” in the start positions – the Königsberg color-head and posener colour head pigeon evolved much more prominently.

Medium-sized, rounded walnut head, medium-length beak, lush, wide-bodied and plentiful. Vigorous, lively, willingly low-flying, some specimens are still in use.

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