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Magnitogorskie Pigeon

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Magnitogorskie Pigeon

Магнитогорский Статный

Magnitogorskie Pigeon – or also known by the names: Beautiful Magni-togorsky, Magnitogorsk Stately, Магнитогорский Статный – is a variety originating from Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region (Russia), but information has not been found since when it was developed (possibly in the 1900s ). This variety classified into the tumbler type, although well known in its home region, does not seem to be popular in various countries in Europe. This variety is reported to have the ability to fly, but its development is directed more for decorative  ( positümmler ) purposes.

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Magnitogorsk stately general view ; pigeons of medium size (34-35 cm) with a wide chest, low-drooped wings, a highly raised flat tail, low landing on feathered legs; in an excited state, the neck throbs violently.

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Magnitogorsk Stately - positümmler
Magnitogorsk Stately