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Orlov White Tumbler

Orlov White tumbler - Thurman White Orlovsky
Orlov White tumbler

Орловские белые турманы

Oryol white tumbler ; One of the oldest breeds of Russian tourman. Origin of the breed There is no reliable information about the origin of the Oryol white tumbler. It is known that pigeons of this breed are used for breeding other 2 types of tourman: Orlov beard and red spotted striped pigeon.

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Oryol white pigeons are very beautiful birds as they have become popular in many cities of Russia. Pigeons of this breed often attended exhibitions. However, their participation is somewhat complicated due to the fact that many representatives of this breed do not have the characteristic pronounced signs of Oryol White Turmans.

They only come in white color.

Russian Thurman Orlovsky Pigeon
Oryol White Thurman