Colour Pigeons Thuringian Pigeons

Thuringian Spot Colour Pigeons ( Thüringer Schnippe )

Heurté de Thuringe - color pigeons
Thuringian Spot

The Fancy pigeon Thuringian Spot – or also known by the names: Heurté de Thuringe, Thüringer Schnippe, mascherato in Turingia, Тюрингский Пятнистый – a variety that originated from the region of Thuringia (Germany), which is declared as one of the ancient race, appropriate documentary record, has been known since 1876. the varieties were grouped into colour pigeon this type, is very popular, especially originated in Sonnenberg, then to other cities, and has now spread to many countries, both in Europe and to other continents. This variety has the ability to fly adequate, but aspects of the exterior advantages over a concern.

Thuringian Spot - german color pigeons
Thuringian Spot
Thüringer Schnippe - tauben - farbentauben
Thüringer Schnippe

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