Wattle Pigeons

Steinheim Bagdad Pigeons ( Steinheimer Bagdette )

steinheim bagdad - warzentauben - wattle pigeons
steinheim bagdad

The Steinheim Bagdad pigeons– also known by the names: Bagadais de Steinheim, Steinheimer Bagdette, Bagadese in Steinheim, Штейнхеймский Багдет – are varieties originating from Germany, especially in the Great and Little Steinheim region, around the city of Frankfurt, and are informed of Developed for a long time. The variety belonging to this type of wattle pigeons ( warzentauben), believed to be the result of a French Bagdad cross with the Turkish Baghdad race (now, in Saxony, has been declared extinct). According to records, this variety has been exhibited for the first time at least in the 1920s. Have good flying skills, but more development is focused on the attractiveness of appearance.

Bagadais de Steinheim - pigeons caroncules
Bagadais de Steinheim
Steinheim Bagdad - wattle pigeons
Steinheim Bagdad pigeons
Steinheimer Bagdette - warzentauben
Steinheimer Bagdette warzentauben
steinheim bagdad
steinheim bagdad pigeon

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