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flanders smerle - owl pigeons
flanders smerle

Vlaanderse Smierel

The Fancy pigeon Flander Smerle – or also called by the names: Smerle des Flandres, Flandrische Smerle, Smerla delle Fiandre, Фландрийская сова – is a variety that originated from Flanders (Belgium), but very limited information since when was developed, only an estimated since 1840 -an (although there was a note in the 1950s). Varieties which are classified into the Owl pigeons type, in the past maintained in agricultural areas. Classified as a good pilot, but it seems that this decade is devoted to the appearance. This variety is considered quite popular, especially in Ghent and its surroundings.

Medium sized white shield gull with colored mantle. The posture is slightly sloping (almost horizontal). The beak-forehead line is straight without any indentation between beak and forehead, the skull must be rounded. Only the shield is colored, some color behind the walking legs (pants) is allowed.

The Flanders Smerle still has many enthusiasts, especially in Flanders. The blue bar is still the most popular color variety. Some enthusiasts make commendable efforts to reclaim old, lost colors.

Smerle des Flandres - pigeons cravate - belgian pigeons
Smerle des Flandres
Smerla delle Fiandre
Smerla delle Fiandre
Flandrische Smerle - mövchen - tauben
Flandrische Smerle
owl pigeons - belgium pigeons

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