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Hamburg Sticken pigeons ( Hamburger Sticken )

Hamburg Sticken - Hamburger Sticken - german pigeons
Hamburg Sticken - Hamburger Sticken

The Hamburg Sticken pigeons– also known by the names: Cravaté de Hambourg, Hamburger Sticken, Cravattato di Amburgo, Гамбургская сова – are varieties originating from Hamburg (Germany), but no information has been found about when this variety was developed, Probably around the 1700s or earlier, given its status as one of the old races of Germany. The variety belonging to this owl pigeons type, has good flying ability, but is more popular as a display pigeon.

Cravaté de Hambourg - pigeons cravate
Cravaté de Hambourg
hamburg owl pigeons - möchen
hamburg sticken

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