Owl Pigeons

italian Owl Pigeons ( Cravattato Italiano )

owl pigeons
italian owl - Reggianino

The Italien OwlCravaté Italien, Italienisches Mövchen, Cravattato Italiano, Итальянская сова – is a varietal originating from the northern region of Italy, expressed as an ancient race, but introduced and developed in Germany since 1880. Varieties belonging to this type of owl pigeons are very popular in their home country, even in Europe and other continents. This variety although able to fly very well, but the purpose of breeding especially for pigeon displays.

Cravattato Italiano
Cravattato Italiano
Reggianino - italian owl
Cravaté Italien - pigeons cravate
Cravaté Italien
Italienisches Mövchen - tauben
Italienisches Mövchen
Italienisches Mövchen
Italienisches Mövchen

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