Form Pigeons

Dutch Beauty Homer ( Nederlandse Schoonheidspostduif )

Niederländische Schönheitsbrieftauben - brieftauben
Niederländische Schönheitsbrieftaube

The Dutch Beauty Homer pigeons– or also known by the names: Voyageur de Beauté Néerlandais, Holländische Schönheitsbrieftaube, Viaggiatore Olandese da Esposizione, Датский красивый Гомер – is a varietal originating from the Netherlands, which has been developed since the 1900s, Produce the form as it is now. Varieties belonging to this type of utility form pigeons were only recognized in the permanent standard in 2003. In addition to having good flying skills, this variety is also more developed for the benefit of appearance.

Nederlandse Schoonheidspostduif-taube
Nederlandse Schoonheidspostduif
form pigeons - homer pigeons
dutch beauty homer pigeons
Voyageur de beauté Néerlandais
merpati belanda – Voyageur de beauté Néerlandais

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