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South German Shield Pigeons ( Süddeutsche Schildtaube )

South German Shield-color pigeons
South German Shield

The South German Shield pigeons – also known by the names: Bouclier de L’Allemagne du Sud, Süddeutsche Schildtaube, Scudato della Germania del Sud, Южно-Немецкий Щитковый – are varieties originating from southern Germany, mainly in Württemberg, but No information has been found when it was developed (only disbursed possibly since the 18th century or earlier). Varieties classified into this type of color german pigeons, as well as other German races, are already very popular, and have also been widely cultured in various countries in Europe. This variety can fly well, but its development is solely focused on its exterior beauty.

Bouclier de l'Allemagne du sud
Bouclier de l’Allemagne du sud
South German Shield - german colour pigeons
South German Shield
Süddeutsche Schildtaube - tauben
Süddeutsche Schildtaube